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PES 2012 Review

Category: General

The full game is the same as demo 2 to my knowledge.

- General feeling of the game (It feels good nowadays, with the player switching solved it is a great update from last years game which I also liked the style of)
- The active AI (Amazing stuff that gives you so many new opportunities)
. The control of whatever player you want at free kicks, corners, throw ins and goal kicks is an amazing new addition, opens up entirely new situations and adds a new dimension)
- Import teams! (YES finally I will be able to add a team I made at my friends house and only that team)
- Export teams (Great addition, but hmm one team at a time Konami)
- Import prequel teams (so that you can just import last years optionfile and have it all there from the WENB one! Great, Includes club logos, strips, name changes and formations I believe.)
- Being able to change players more easy with two options L1 and R. (It makes the game more easy to play)
- Training mode/challenge is educative. (Great to have it back with instructions for novice players)
- The AI will provide a challenge for career mode I'm sure. (With this sort of difficulty the game will be hard in Master League and other modes)
- Referee is much better with fouls and allowing play to continue. (Thank god for being able to put in a good tackle and not getting caught for nothing by the referee, also, yes, just try to catch me, I'll be on my way until you knock me to the floor) =D

- Goalkeepers, for me it is a game breaker because how lousy they act on shots and with some of the animations that do not really fit in with a goalkeepers actions in real life.
- Crossing/passing, why did they take away the possibility to cross balls to wherever you want and overhit them on occasion, same goes for ground passes. If it ain't broken in PES 2011... then...
- There is still that bug with player switching just when having a corner against you. Before the opp. take the corner you select one man, but when the corner is taken the comp. switches your man and you have to switch back manually.
- Continous play falsely implemented on throw ins, come on, a cut-scene fools no-one and even if you are behind a goal the thrower just walk up to the ball like he had all the time in the world. (FIFA just stole my continous play idea and has implemented it fully now. It's fantasticly implemented in their game)

(Online play does not go active until release I guess)
I would like to say that IF the keepers get a good fix then the game is going from 7.0-7,5 (somewhere between depending on your taste and how much you value keepers) to an 8,0-9,0 for me (depending on how realisticly they'll act after the patch). That is how important it is for me to have them fixed. Jon has said that there will be a patch for this and we should all trust that this will smoothen their overall performances.

Also, I've learnt my lesson in grading the game. I do not think I can put in a justified score for the game until the last patch is released or until I've played a lot of matches against different people and online. It is not until then that whole game shows itself and the stability of the gameplay unfolds. I am NOT a master league player au contraire to Adam . I'm an online hunter who has built communities for playing online, my focus will always be put on how the game works in multiplayer.

My opinion is based on how well the game performs in exhibition mode on top player with all settings to manual.