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The new PES 2012 patch gives Konami a lot of credability back.

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Patch 1.06 is a massive step towards rebuilding Konamis credability with the customers.

Not only did we get the Copa Libertadores 2012 in a 2011 released game, but we have probably got a taste of what PES 13 will be like . With that I mean that the next game will probably have the same core as with this patch. For me who has been really annoyed with Konami Germany when negotiating a new contract this is a salvation from Japan. Thanks.

So what does the patch do?

It lets you aim, it lets you shoot, it lets you take advantage of being more in possession, with a lot of improved goalkeepers and fluke goals are less likely. All in all it s a quicker pace which resembles real football more. With this patch Konami have showed me that they can do what it's all about, and it is creating the best possible football experience on the field that there is.

Old PES fans can crawl up from within their caves of football gaming rejection. This is it.

PES 2012 with Patch 1.06 points the franchise in the right direction and it's forward and upwards. Giving the fans something like this 6 months after the original release is not a common move in the gaming business, Konami should have a lot of credit for that.

Lights shine bright on the PES world again.
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