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The small improvements I would like to see in PES 2013

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Recently i updated my twitter with some improvements I'd like to see for PES 13. I dwelve a bit deeper in this post on them.

1. Twitter: Please let us play with South American teams in the normal online mode in PES 2013. Motivation: Because of license issues Konami could not let Copa Libertadores teams be playable in exhibition friendlies against European clubs online. The question is still why you could not chose to play only Copa Libertadores teams vs Copa Libertadores teams? And why could you participate in an online Konami cup with these teams? Did Konami just not have time to do a seperate exhibition mode for the license. Weird. It must be in 2013 though. I'd love to play Brazilian and Argentinian teams vs European one's. It would be very nice if they added Los Angeles Galaxy and New York Red Bulls too. 

2. Twitter: Fixes needed for PES 13 - goalkeepers, cursor change in defence (through balls) and on corners (automatic change), more yellow cards shown for fouls that obviously could have rendered in a clear chance. Motivation: Konami have officially already said that they are redoing the keeper from scratch, therefore I am not worried about this part of the game. I'm sure they will be solid.

Cursor change is a little worrying though, it has always been hard to get that exact player that you want in certain situations. In PES 2012 this was especially noticable at through balls on the ground and air where you had to change in the right time to control a player and take the ball. Many times you miss even if you are just right next to the ball. It's very frustrating. Corners are another issue where you select a man in the middle and then the computer change your player when the corner is taken, gaahhhh.

Yellow cards should be handed out for clear chances being held up. As it is now players can take an easy foul in situations that are dangerous and they would not render in anything. The only cards that are handed out are ones for sliding tackles. Situations, especially in counter situations where fouls are comitted should be awarded with more yellow cards.

3. Twitter: No assisted passing. Motivation: Would equal out the odds for the players that want to comepete on the highest level. At least passing assistance in online play should be the same for everybody. The offline PES League should also have a certain manual passing so that players show real skills when playing. Assisted passing is for beginners.

4. Twitter: More kits to chose from and the ability to change socks, shorts and shirts individually when you face an opponent. Motivation: More kits to chose from should have been available already in PES 2012. It's such an easy thing to put in there and now with the edit function solution online everything could be perfect. Instead we're stuck with two kits of green for some teams, a mistake that only annoys you. For PES 2013 I hope you can change thee three different items individually.

5. Twitter: ML Online where you can face a friend or play in leagues with friends. 10 vs 10 online play. Better matchmaking. Motivation: You should be able to play the Master League Online in groups with your friends or at least with people in the same region of the world. Like Nordic, Northern Europe, UK, Southern Europe, etc. To be able to start at the same level, only playing friends, would be great.

Also 10 vs 10 play has been available in FIFA for three years now. It's time Konami introduced it in PES so that we could create our own clubs and start proper team building in communities with different individuals building on team work.

Better matchmaking when you look for opponents. You have got to be able to search on other criterias than user language. It would be better with a region search and then you should be able to ask for a game with an icon flashing on the screen for the person that is invited. In the quick search you should be able to tick off certain areas of the world like for example South America, Middle east, and also request to have an extra connection verifier so that the game most certainly is not laggy.

6. Twitter: Direct upload from saved goals to video service like youtube. Motivation: Konami entered the world wide web last year with their Facebook stats application. It was a nice addition. But where is the goals and highlights uploading function. Konami should go into co-op with a big video service site or create their own with only focus on goals and highligts, with rankings of the goals from the users. The videos should be available to browse in PES and on the net.

7. Improved continous play. Motivation: Well this is sort of my baby. I introduced the idea to Konami Germany a long while back and was happy to see that there was at least some ambition to put it in PES 2012. You can see it at throw ins while playing a friendly offline as the player run after the ball in a cut-scene and then play just continues from where the ball did exit the field. More of this please in all situations where the ball exits the field.

All these things mentioned are just improvements to things that are basicly already in the game. It's the small things and changes that matters. Roll on PES 2013.