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Hardcore gamers want a hardcore PES

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I can see it happening on my own PES-Site. Since we announced the manual league people have left the casual league like it is wasn't worth anything. But yes we are a nordic site and there's very few people who play PES up here.

All in all there are 26 users set for league play right now, 25 swedes and 1 norwegian. But this is organized league play and I've banned about 10-15 people who has not been able to acheive deadlines. We have deadlines which mean that you have to play at least 6 games a week (2 times against each opponent) and if you don't do this or let us now why you are late then you get bannned.

Anyhow I'm going off-topic with info about my own site, so let me get back to manual play. With manual play i mean that your settings are like the picture below.

This opens up PES. It makes it more of a simulation, but most importantly it makes you cherish the moments when you succeed. And it makes you take responsability for the situations when you screw up.

No more "it's the computers fault". It was your own fault that you were not calm before putting in a challenge which completely missed your opponent and let him have a free run at goal. It was you who made that stupid tackle in the box, and it was you who passed the ball to the opposite player so he could easily score. This is the hardcore PES that we want and that we want. We know Konami wants to have a casual game which is available to everyone, but as hardcore fans we need to be able to play this way and set rules at our own communities which we can check are followed.
That is the only reason I want the above pic to be available. I don't doubt that the players at my community will play fair in my manual league and chose the above options, but I would like to see that it is followed. The above page is an easy addition. Please do it Konami, for your hardcore fans.
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