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The advantages in playing auto...

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Here are some of the advantages the auto-players have to manual players, with auto-players I mean players who use any kind of passing assistance and manual shooting off = auto shooting.

- in principle always reaches the player it was intended for (auto lock passing?)
- always has the perfect power on it to reach the player in the correct way from any angle.
- makes the game skip certain animations and speeds up the game. Just look at a few strung together passes on auto compared to manual. Very clear in comparison.
- goes through the opposing teams players in vital situations altough they are correctly positioned to intercept.
- makes the players move so that the defenders do not follow. (Especially noticeable when you put a high through ball on for C.Ronaldo)
- are always aimed at goal, no matter what position your player is moving in or are positioned in.
- gives you an advantage on 50/50 loose balls where you can just push the button and have it on goal in advantage to your manual opponnent.