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Anticipating news about the PES 2016 October Update (patch?) is a mess.

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So it's release week for an update, which a lot of people hopes to be a patch. An update and a patch differs because the update (when understood from the Konami perspective) is just for updating and adding non-gameplay related things like balls and kits. A patch is something that changes or adds to gameplay, or changes or adds functions to certain game modes. 
I'm not going to ramble on about what I feel needs to be tweaked and fixed in a patch and so forth. The game is pretty stable besides referees and the physics engine having to work hand in hand with tackles to improve the foul system. The fact that some fouls are not given cards because time passes or there is interruption like half time makes you feel Konami hasn't had a full focus on their functions. 
Anyhow. I've reached my main issue for today and that is news about this release. News up to now has been pretty shallow, we don't really know what to expect. 
If you got an idea of what needs to be changed in PES the product manager on twitter advices you to write to the official twitter PES account with all your feedback and issues. According to him they will gather all the information, sort it for the most alarming issues and send it to the team. For this months update there hasn't been any officially verified issues that are being looked at besides the few tweets of issues being looked at from the Product Manager.
I've gathered all the issues that the product manager has answered to. Here they are:
Goalkeepers set to regular online -
Refs advantage not done in the right way -
Speed bug in BAL mode -

Already tweaked or fixed:
Mention of GK online being better and that the Production Team are worried it might now be to hard to score -
News of the update reveals nothing about a patch.
Yesterday we had news about the update on Konamis official server page. It mentioned nothing about the patch and will dissapoint many players who were at least hoping for improved refereing decisions. 
To get the above information you can't just go to Konamis official PES site. Because it hasn't been updated since launch. You have to follow their official tweet or their FB or go to their affiliate PES fan where most of the news are released. This is weird. The official news should first be released on the main site and then be released on the different platforms. It's basic stuff for any other company. But just not at Konami. 
To finish off this post here is a bonus which reveals the troubling communcation within Konami.
Adam Bhatti asks PES LEAGUE France if the Live Update has updated transfers online in PES on the 16th of September. That's a long time before users got to play with updated squads online. Meaning communication between Japan and UK had probably said that the Live Update would be available from launch.
Who screwed up? -