Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PES 2015 this year.

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There are many reasons why you should not buy PES 2015 at release this year. I list five of them.
#1. The game won't be finished at release.
I just couldn't believe how bad PES 2014 was when I played it on my PS3 for the first time. The lag, the framerate issues that plagued the game, the slow menus and the 3-beeps issue that actually breaks your PS3 after a while, made PES 2014 the worst release in more than two decades of football titles from Konami. If we look in the mirror we see that none of the PES games for the PS3/360/PC generation (2007-2013) were final products when they were released. All of them had patches that "made improvements to the general experience". The final patches often arrived more than half way through the season (even later) which is the equal of releasing a half-finished game. A half-finished game should be priced as that which means 50% off the price tag. That's the first reason for not buying it this year. It just won't be what you're expecting at release, so just let it be.
#2. The game will be stripped of features we like.
The league mode, the attack/defense mentality in-game, the spectator mode, 2vs2 mode, in-game chat and phrases when scoring, manual goalkeepers online, the fourth quick tactic, stadium editor, ability to mix kits... the list can go on and on. There's just no ending to it, you will never know what Konami has taken out until you discover it yourself. Therefore it is better to wait and have others tell you if they've taken out your favourite feature. Most preferably look for opinions from a freelancer, or somebody like myself.
#3. There's no focus on the improvements we really wanted.
The majority of the community has wanted smooth goalkeepers with life like animations since the switch to "next-gen" in 2006. Have we ever been satisfied? A large part of the community has asked for dedicated servers for PES. It's never even been on the agenda. Did the majority of the community want a new engine for PES 2014 on PS3/360/PC? No I don't think so. Did the scenario challenges ever come back? No. The real feedback we gave never came through at the Konami HQ so why should we buy their game this autumn?
#4. There's no direct contact with the creators of the series.
The game is created by japanese programmers which are based in Japan. It seems as though there is a great hole between us and them and we can never really contact them without going through a middle hand, a community manager, a PR guy or an average interpretor. We need people that build bridges on both sides so that we can meet and feel like we are as important to them as they are to us. That's not happening with the lack of PR that we've seen and with that I mean both the PR before and after PES 2014 was released. It doesn't build confidence.
#5. Konami has to show that they want us now and not the other way around.
We have created the buzz by buying their game. We have created the communities which attract their customers. We have been their official twitter, their official facebook, and their support channels through the years when they were non-reachable. Up until 2007 when Konami started to show their faces on the net, it was us who gave their game heart by mouth to mouth praising. Now we can't do that anymore. We're heading in the other direction because their PES for 2014 is the worst PES they ever released. Everyone who reads this should be honest to the brand, the PES we got this year was nowhere close to what we wanted. This is my top reason not to buy PES 2015 at release. I hope you all agree.
About me: I'm Gustav Hedenborg also known as Caniggia to the PES-Crowd. I'm a former employee at Konami and a big WE/PES lover. I run twitter accounts at @allsvenskanPES @purepesismanual . Follow me if you want unbiased reflections about PES and other football games.
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