PES Online: Intervju med Adam Bhatti om online och framtiden.


PES-Spanien intervjuar Adam Bhatti och kommer med den mest intressanta intervjun under hela året.
WENB Spain: Is anything going to change in terms of the manual filter in the online mode?
Adam: Not this year, no. We are looking at creating more options for online and for the users as well. I do get a lot of people asking me for this feature and it is something that we do want to work on, we are making the... I tell you what the key thing for me is, is to make sure that we're balancing the actual normal passing before we start creating all those new options in terms of manual and stuff, and yeah it may be an answer that people don't want to hear and I'm really sorry, but for me, the more we perfect the basic passing, the normal preset and make it a lot more free without making it difficult for the new user, and I think that once you perfect that it allows us to start create options and filters and things like that.